About Us

University of Chicago FacultyThe past few decades have seen a dramatic shift away from investment in educators and affordable, accessible higher education for students.

Non-tenure track faculty members now comprise over 40 percent of the teaching staff at the University of Chicago. Over the past few months, many of us have had conversations about the need to confront the trends that have marginalized faculty.

In our efforts to improve our working conditions, we have taken the initial steps toward forming a union for non-tenure track faculty at the University of Chicago. Across the country, professors and lecturers are coming together under the banner of SEIU Faculty Forward—including at Tufts, Boston University, Georgetown, and George Washington. By joining our colleagues in Faculty Forward, we will position ourselves not only to make gains on our campus, but also to unite with faculty from coast to coast as part of a larger movement to address the issues facing higher education in the United States today.

We love our students, our work and the University of Chicago, It’s because we care about the future of our students and UC that we are hoping that you will join us as we build support for a a union.