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Janet in Paris

 “I support forming a union because I believe contingent faculty deserve a voice in the decision-making that affects both us and our students.” Janet Sedlar, Senior Lecturer & Coordinator of Spanish



DSC_0219 “I support forming a union as a way for contingent faculty to build power in solidarity with other working people and have a say in the terms of our employment.” Andrew Yale, Lecturer & Manuscript Editor, Critical Inquiry



Michael McCarron

Contingent faculty are people who have PhDs and master’s degrees.  We are experts in our fields, yet we are treated like seasonal help at a department store.  Many of us do not have access to health care, we are forced to reapply for our positions each year, and the wages are such that we must work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet.  In the past 10 years, tuition and administrative wages have increased a great deal, yet non-tenure track faculty pay remains unchanged.  Students are paying a lot of money to receive excellent instruction, but what they get is something less than our best because many of us are stretched too thin as we juggle multiple commutes, curricula, and responsibilities. I would like to form a union so that my colleagues and I might gain a measure of job security, more access to health care, and better wages. Michael McCarron, Lecturer