UChicago election starts today!

UChicago election starts today!

Today is the beginning of our union election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). For those faculty who are part of our bargaining unit, ballots will be mailed to your home address on November 20 and will be counted on December 9.

As we prepare for the vote, we want to ask for your continued support. We all know that University of Chicago faculty are committed and hard-working. Our knowledge and practical expertise enrich our students’ classroom experience immeasurably.

We believe that working together, we can raise standards for educators and improve the quality of higher education. We are hopeful UChicago’s administration will not interfere with our vote with any form of intimidation, unjust pressure, undue delay or disruptions to students.

The campus community and many elected officials have called for an open and honest dialogue on the role and working conditions of contingent faculty and we believe our union is crucial to showing that we can work together to change the conditions that impact our daily lives and our students’ future.

Since we first filed for the election, faculty across the country are continuing to have their own victories. On Sunday, faculty at St. Louis Community College voted to join SEIU Faculty Forward and yesterday faculty at Brandeis University in the Boston area filed for an election.

Please help spread the word about our vote and feel free to contact any one of us or the Faculty Forward campaign with questions. We will be more than happy to discuss the unionization effort at UChicago or the changes you wish to see made. This is an incredibly exciting moment.


The University of Chicago Faculty Union Organizing Committee

P.S. Please make sure to read about our campaign in the Chicago Sun Times and check out our website.

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